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All the items returned to Tryfa, will make you eligible to receive the Tryfa Store Credit Points as a refund. Once the reverse courier reaches us, we’ll take no time to process your refund as Tryfa Store Credit. You can use this store credit for any of your future purchases from our website!


Time Taken

Once a reverse pick-up is arranged, we usually receive the order within 3-4 working days of pick up, after which we process the refund immediately, in the form of Tryfa Store Credit. Just in case, you are running out of patience and wish to track your returned order, simply drop us a mail at with the reverse courier tracking details.


Tryfa Store Credit

This is the credit that is issued to your account in case of refunds, and can be used at your convenience in any of your subsequent purchases from our website. After all, we don’t want to we you go just like that! You can use the store credit, while you’re on the check-out page. Simply look for the tab ‘Redeem Points’ and then drag the scale to the exact amount you wish to redeem, after which, you can conveniently proceed to check-out. On the payment page, select No ‘Payment Information Required’ and simply place the order.


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